Bailey "Tinkerbelle" Thorton

Beautiful, naive, psychic


Bailey Thorton stands exactly 5’5" tall, weighs 100 lbs. has platinum blonde hair, dark blue eyes, and an athletic figure with a 33" B-C cup bustline.


Bailey Thorton came out to the Frontier in search of her father, J.P. Thorton. A gifted telepath, Bailey is also an undergraduate of the Quantico Academy of Law Enforcement, on Earth. She has found that real life isn’t exactly like the Surreal one, and is reminded of that on a constant basis.

Born in Whitehall, Jefferson, Bailey Thorton was taken into custody by her mother Chelsea very shortly after she was born and taken to be raised on Earth. Chelsea subsequently obtained a very difficult divorce decree from John Patrick (J.P.) Thorton and kept Bailey for the majority of her formative years. But, she had kept in touch with her father through Surresolution and other forms of transmission, and had developed a sort of pathos for her father that she never really knew.

All of the sudden, on (7)710106:1100, she decided to quit her instruction at Quantico and come out to Independence to find her father.

Bailey "Tinkerbelle" Thorton

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