Basic Space Saga

It is the 28th Century, the year 2771, and you are going to be a US Marshal assigned to the Independence Territory merely five years after Mankind’s FIRST war with an extraterrestrial race.

The United States still exists. Humanity is still as divided as ever.

Technology is highly advanced. You can go from one star system to another relatively fast and easily. With starships, star cars, and now the introduction of the Starsuit, you can travel charted human space with relative ease.

However, the future is not what you might think. The vast majority of the Human Race is asleep, so to speak. They live their lives in {{Surresolution}}, including upwards of 80% of the population of Earth. They are born, live, and die in artificial worlds bred for comfort over dealing with the realities of real living.

Humanity has encountered three intelligent races in the past 60 years. The first are the Byrids, who are psychic, humanoid amphibians equivalent to Earth salamanders. They have settled in Human Space far from whatever homeworld they come from. The second are the gigantic Shassar, 10’ tall humanoid pachyderms that resemble rhinos, but their homeworld is going through their own Industrial Age. The last, but not least, are Man’s greatest enemy, the Sarkeen, a bio-engineered race of creatures that have a strong resemblance to those who reported their existence in the form of alien abduction reports. Fortunately, the Allied Force of humanity beat them back into a theater-wide retreat, but it is clear that we have not heard the last from them.

There are clones and drones to play in Space Saga (Sarkeen are not playable as characters….yet). Clones are looked down upon as less “authentic” as the original if it is known that one is a clone. Drones are obvious genetically engineered constructs made to look human (or dog, or cat, or other living thing), but tailor made for a specific purpose. Robots are also playable, but there is a procedure to build robots that has to be managed by the SpaceMaster.

The Independence Territory is the center of a great situation that is about to impact the entire history of Humanity, if not the galaxy.

Basic Space Saga

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