Highpoint Bar and Grill

Located near the Bean District of the Dock Quarter of Independence City, the Highpoint Bar and Grill used to be the Space Traffic Control Tower during the Sarkeen War, but has since transferred that responsibility over to Independence City Traffic Control in the Undercity. The Highpoint rises like a defiant finger to one and all, extending upward from the planar structure 350 feet, and contains separate docking facilities of its own that the owner, one Sam “Sammy” Chambers, allows with special permits. It looks like a pin with a large head, driving its point into the top of the docking port.

With more than 6,000 square feet of club space and bar, and a full commerical kitchen, the Highpoint is the place to be at Independence City. Prices are designed to keep out the riff-raff, and the who’s who of IC come here almost regularly, including the Territorial Governor Big Jim Marcannan, his daughter Kady Marcannan, US Marshal J.P. Thorton, Deputy Marshal Donovan Prane, Mayor Gus Gleeson, and Judge Louis Parker.

Gambling and dancing happen here, but more of the former than the latter due to a lack of female company. There is a zero-G dance floor in addition to poker tables, craps, and roulette. There are no slot machines here.

The menu of the Highpoint is rather eclectic. It wasn’t too long ago when they were only serving cheeseburgers and cheap beer. Now, they’re up to Plyman Angus Sirloin, orange carrots, mashed sweet potatoes, and a side of Independence Bourbon. Other items are: Sauran Sirloin with Indy Apple Au Gratin, the Authentic Bacon-Lettuce and Tomato Sandwich, and the Spacer’s Pie with Collard Greens, each served with a cocktail of your choice (anything with Tequila is charged extra).

There are three levels of the Highpoint. The bottom is the main club level and that has the zero-g dance floor stretch up to the top floor. The second and third levels are restaurant levels, and these are reserved levels. You can submit a reservation at ID 223238, but there is a waiting list that’s a week long.

Highpoint Bar and Grill

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